Synthetic Solution Tile

It’s a new product in tile finishing being promoted for patent and franchise.

Synthetic Solution is a perfect wall finishing that provides solution to all the technical and aesthetic challenges of smoothness.


It has best value for owner and technician as the benefits are incredibly unprecedented.

After over five years of research and through credible lab and site tests, Synthetic Solution tile has been found to be strong as:

– Highly manipulative; easy to mend and correct during application or after finishing.

– Serves the purpose of your wall screeding.

– Can be used in curved or round edge of buildings, after cutting into slices.

-Prevent your walls from cracking, and if there are cracks in the wall at all, it will not appear on the surface.

– Provides smooth and parallel surface.

– Has great water resistance; does not absorb water at all, preserving original colour of paint.

– Enhances your wall, gives more value to paint and retains it, vibrantly.

– Aesthetically attractive and durable, with 50% unbreakable.

More importantly:

Synthetic Solution product can be applied to your ordinary block wall if properly layed or plastered.

Also, Synthetic Solution is the first and Number One product that provides all these functions in Nigeria, perhaps anywhere in the world.


For patent: contact Translucent S.I. Communication.



Tel: +234 809 656 2364, or +234 806 834 8531

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