1. ArtFair Lagos 2017: ArtFair Lagos is currently being proposed as a yearly gathering of art galleries from Africa and the Diaspora. Copies of the proposals  have been in circulation – in the past one month – among quite a number of interested individuals and groups in Lagos.

Factors that inspired the proposed-ArtFair Lagos:

– Lagos is one of the four top economies of Africa.

– Lagos, most likely, is the only regional economic power in the world that has no yearly int’l art event.

-Records have shown that Lagos is Africa’s fastest growing art hub, yet lacks yearly art event.

– interactions with some gallery owners from other African countries have confirmed Lagos art market as a hub.


2. Art of GDP:   A Project in progress…Conference series about integrating Nigerian Visual Arts business into the country’s mainstream economy.

- Currently being proposed in partnership with Guild Of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA), the Art Of GDP project is scheduled to take off in the last quarter of 2016 through first quarter of 2017.

3.   Translucent S.I is the Media Relations manager for BHS, a infrastructure development and facility management firm, based in Lagos. Nigeria.

4. Translucent S. I is the Media Relations Manager and Events Consultants to the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA).